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Our Services


The Mendero Medical Centre Laboratory is accredited by the Department of Health and PhilHealth. It is staffed by competent licensed professionals and our Laboratory operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and providing excellent turn-around times while performing close to more than 500 tests a day. The Laboratory, conveniently located at the Ground Floor right next to the Emergency Room, is fully equipped with modern diagnostic facility offering a broad range of tests and services like Haematology and Coagulation, Clinical Chemistry, Immunology and serology; Special Chemistry, Microbiology, Clinical Microscopy, Histology and Cytology, Blood Bank and Transfusion Services, and Phlebotomy Services.


The Mendero Medical Centre Pharmacy is a fully integrated pharmaceutical support for our patient care services. We facilitate in patient-focused care by coordinating with the healthcare team to provide patients with safe, effective, and good quality drugs needed for their treatment. We are made up of pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, and clerks who coordinate closely with the healthcare team to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of pharmaceutical care possible. Our pharmacies are open to serve patients 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


The Mendero Medical Centre Department of Radiology offers an array of advanced imaging services, computed tomography scanning (CT), ultrasound, General Diagnostic X-Ray that help physicians to quickly and accurately make diagnoses in every disease area, allowing for early detection and treatment.

Nursing Service

Compassion, Dedication, Professionalism, and Expertise. Professional nursing practice at Mendero Medical Centre combines primary nursing and interdisciplinary teamwork. Each patient is assured a dedicated team of professionals built around a group of competent registered nurses and an attending physician who are focused on patient safety and satisfaction. Support services are provided just steps away from the point of care.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU/PICU)

The Intensive Care Unit at Mendero Medical Center is a special area that cares for adult and pediatric patients that are critically ill. The unit is dedicated to responding to the physical, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual needs of patients and families. The ICU operates on a manageable nurse to patient ratio, complemented by in house junior consultants at all times to ensure continuous high quality patient care.

Delivery Room

The Mendero Medical Center DR is a special area that houses the Labor Room, Delivery Room, and NICU.The Labor Room and Delivery Room at Mendero Medical Center is a special area where patients’ obstetrical and gynecological needs are catered to. Immediate Rooming In is highly advised, however for newborns that need more medical care, they are housed in the NICU or the Neonatal Intestive Care Unit which provides care for babies after birth who need special attention.

Cardiology Unit

The Mendero Medical Center Cardio Unit is special area where Cardiovascular Diagnostic Procedures are performed, such as ECG, Endoscopy, 2D Echo, 2D Echo with Doppler, Colonoscopy, and Treadmill Stress Test which helps our patients in proper diagnosis and treatment.

Operating Rooms

The Mendero Medical Center Operation Room is a special area where a vast range of medical and surgical procedures are performed daily. It is staffed by highly competent surgeons and anaesthesiologists with a nursing staff that effectively assists in the OR and Recovery Room.

Doctor’s Clinic

Mendero Medical Center has a special wing where we house various clinics for doctors around the area to conduct consultations and minor out patient treatments. With two floors of Doctor’s Clinics, patients are able to have their non-emergent conditions looked in to conveniently. And with the collaboration of the in house Laboratory, patients are able to have their test results looked in to during the same day as their consultation.

Emergency Rooms

Mendero Medical Center provides around-the-clock pediatric, adult and geriatric emergency care. Fully equipped with the most advanced technologies available, our physicians, nurses and support staff are poised for rapid response at all levels of emergency management from assessments through trauma, acute and critical care.


The Dietary Department of Mendero Medical Center plays an integral role in patient care. During their hospital stay patients not only receive nourishment, but quality nutrition education and counseling, as well as resources designed to promote optimum recovery and overall wellness.

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